Design and art as a tool of transformation

As the owner of ROTATOR studio and Creative Director, Lance Kagey walks the fine line between pragmatic solutions-oriented designer and wild-eyed artist with glorious aspirations. Both can lead to dynamic transformation.

Panel 1

“I consider you the best graphic designer in Tacoma—bar none. I think you’ll do okay.”
—Art Chantry, world renowned designer

Panel 2
“Lance Kagey is a strategic and authentic creative. Underneath his disciplined design sensibilities and deep knowledge of typography is a foundation of wild, expressive art. No matter the audience or medium, communicating a message that resonates is his craft. Probably his strongest attributes lie in his leadership. He is a natural mentor and works with open-minded honesty to push concepts further and facilitate a truly collaborative environment.  His commitment to good work is unflappable. I rarely meet people in the creative field who have such a positive perspective on design challenges. I have learned a lot from him.”
—Ryan Meline, Associate Creative Director at REI
Panel 3
” Lance is one of the creatives whose strength transcends one expertise. A designer by title and trade, he exercises the type of manifold expertise and incisive thought that elevates the profession and best serves the client. That is, the pursuit isn’t merely pretty things, but connection, enterprise-level messaging and structured programs that build and extend brands. In so doing, he creates success. Not surprisingly, in the process of all this, he often does create a lovely thing or two.
— Terry Marks,  owner of Tmarks Design
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Burn your necktie and other sage advice

Tom Llewellyn and Lance Kagey share some thoughts about making an impact through non-traditional marketing.


Art Chantry and Lance Kagey talk about design, art and the working class.


A conversation with artist Don Fels about art, design and exploitation.

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Russell Investments: a case study

Russell Investments has worked with Lance over the past 20 years. As Associate Creative Director in charge of Brand, Lance helped shepherd the look and feel of a brand that has come to be know for it’s award-winning advertising, it’s clear concise investor-friendly language, and it’s dynamic consistency.